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Robin Badillo

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk to Robin Badillo, a multi-published author, about some tricks of the trade. With 17 books under her belt and several years of experience, I was thrilled that she’d share.

Cait:  Do you have any tips for new and aspiring authors that you’d like to share?

Robin:  My advice would be to keep writing and getting your name out there. Readers need a variety so keep them coming. Make sure you’re hosting other authors on your blog and promoting them as much as possible. You never know how many readers you might pick up by having links to your books in the margins when other authors are visiting. Keep posting in FB groups with good reader numbers. The more they see your name, the more likely they are to check out your books. Just be careful not to overdo it. I post maybe three times a week and participate on The Romance Studio’s Party sight whenever they have a promotional thing. If you haven’t joined them or their yahoo group, here’s the link to their website: “TRS Blue” is for erotic and there’s a link to that on the main TRS site. And the link to join their main yahoo group:

Cait:  When you say host an author, are you referring to interviewing or something more/else?

Robin:  Interviews, showcasing a release or inviting authors to write industry related posts. Also posting your process, things pertaining to your writing journey. It’s also fun to post pics and stories about your muses, your thought process, ideas about sharpening your writing skills or offer links to tips other authors or readers might find interesting. Blog about anything so you can invite readers to check it out. It gives them a chance to get to know you as a person and a writer, as well as introduce them to your books while you’re introducing them to other authors’ books at the same time.

Cait:  Great tips. I’d like to post about my muses, but I’m afraid of copyright issues. I haven’t been too good about writing about my journey.

Robin:  From what I understand, as long as you label and give credit for pics, you can use them. I have a warning on my blogs and have never been called out for posting celebrity pics. You should be okay as long as you reference the actors/models and include where the pics came from, such as the movie or company they represent.

I’ve also purchased pics from Deposit Photos: , and other sites that offer stock photos at affordable prices. I use those a lot.

Cait:  You’ve changed genres after a few years. Do you mind sharing the story?

Robin:  I had a dozen books published with my first publisher and never saw any type of success. Probably haven’t sold 100 copies total from all of those since 2009. Then I discovered the genre I was meant to write and haven’t looked back. I had no way of knowing how it would turn out, but after my pen name, Tyler Robbins’ , novels started hitting the Amazon and Are Café Best Sellers list and the dizziness wore off, I knew I’d stuck with it long enough to see my dream become reality. I’d nearly burned myself out publishing 11 books within an 18 month period with my first publisher, and now I can breathe easier since my releases are a couple of months apart now. In fact, I’ve only released 6 since June 2012 and, if I’m lucky, I just might squeeze another two in before the end of the year, but I won’t stress if I don’t.

Cait:  How wonderful to find your place! What are your thoughts on agents?

Robin:  You can do just as much without an agent as you can with one. Of all the authors I know, only one has an agent, and although she is very successful, she probably would have been regardless. Just keep learning and moving forward. It’s a tried and true recipe for success.

Cait:  Thank you so much for letting me pick your brain.

Robin:  You’re welcome.


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