Paradise – 2nd post

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Jewel shoveled water with her hands as her feet dug into the ocean floor, using it as starting blocks to spring her out of the sandy clutches. With each movement, her heart thudded more rapidly. The ripples in the water grew more ferocious, as if she were the prey of an impending attack.


Her body trembled as she pushed harder off the sand until the water touched ankle level. Hands on her hips, chest heaving, she turned.

A dolphin played. Her hand flew to her chest and she blew out a breath. “That scared the shit out of me.”

“Me, too until I saw the dorsal fin.”

She jerked. On the edge of the palm trees, a man waved his hand, urging her forward as his other held a camera to his eyes and snapped photos. More headlines, she didn’t need. Images popped into her mind – ‘athlete swims naked with dolphins’ or ‘Jewell’s depression worsens’.

One arm stretched across her breasts and the other covering her bare beaver, she marched toward him, rage building with every step turning her numb. The same sensation she had a year ago when the doctors threw their hands up and told her she couldn’t compete anymore.

The shutter clicked as he followed her movements, the lens stopping just above her hidden breasts. He peeked around the eyepiece, his gaze moving away from her chest.

Geared up to give him a piece of her mind and demand the memory card, she lost the ability to speak when his eyes, the perfect combination of sapphire and emeralds, bore into hers.

He winked.

Her legs hadn’t felt so weak since she jumped hurdles.

Dark strands of short hair spiked and a five o’clock shadow framed his perfect smile.

He grinned and his eyes twinkled. “This is the best thing that’s happened to me in years. A twofer.”

She snapped out of her lust-filled haze as the rage found its ground in the pit of her stomach. Her arms fell to her sides and she moved closer until her nose was in his face. “How dare you.”

He took a step back.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing taking pictures of me?” She moved forward and rolled her eyes at what she’d said. A guy with a camera … naked woman … of course he took pictures.

The color of his eyes deepened and he inched away. “I was taking pictures of the dolphin. I should be mad at you for getting in my way.”

Her eyebrows shot up. The man had nerve. She closed the distance and put on the fierce face she sported before a race to intimidate her competition and lifted her hand, palm up. “I want the card.”

His eyes roamed down her body.

Her eyes swept from his bare chest to her own, traveling over her beaver. She’d forgotten she was naked.



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