Romance Troupe’s Sizzling Summer Blog Hop! Giveaways!

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The Romance Troupe’s Sizzling Summer Blog Hop!

July 4th – July 7th

Entry for Prizes and giveaways are listed after Kidnapped Hearts excerpt.

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“Ready for a bath?”

Hell, yeah. Her lips curled into a slow smile.

“Good, but I think you have too many clothes on.” His voice was laden with sex as the corners of his mouth lifted. With hooded eyes, he tugged his shirt from her body. His hands shook as they moved to her stomach, then slowly traveled higher. The tips of his fingers brushed the underside of her breasts and over their buds, sending waves of want through her. She popped the button on her shorts and pushed them along with her underwear down, then snagged his towel. The boldness she experienced earlier in the evening had returned. Her breath paused as her eyes landed on his glorious parts. The one she’d been dying to meet.

He chuckled. “I love a woman who knows what she wants.”

Pamela slowed her rash movements. Did he mean what he said? Love? She closed her eyes and pulled her lips inward. Stop it. Her eyes opened. “Jake.”

She saw the naked emotion in his eyes. He threaded his arms beneath her shoulders, pulling her tight against his body.

“Jake, I have to say this.” Her hands dropped to her side and eased back, putting space between them. “Whatever you’re doing, don’t you dare do it out of pity.”

It was as if her words deflated him. The expression that crossed his face looked stricken, yet his dark pools gave nothing away as he met her eyes. “I’m not,” he admitted, then lowered his head and nuzzled into her neck. His hands went to her waist, where they squeezed lightly before traveling to her buttocks, and closed the gap between them.

With him stroking her, she couldn’t think, and she needed to. She needed to be certain of his intentions. If she offered herself to him as she had tried to before, and he pushed her away, what then?

He tugged on her arms, flattening her breasts against his chest. His manhood pressed against her stomach, and his eyes bored into hers. “I lied.”

The comment made her dizzy. Millions of thoughts twirled around in her mind as to what he was referring to until it finally sunk in. He lied about why he had kissed her in the hospital.

Instead of his admission calming her, annoyance bit at her consciousness. A mangled noise leaked. “What bullshit!”

Holding her to him, so she couldn’t flee, he said, “I tried to stay away.”

She blinked, keeping her tears at bay. “You tried to stay away from what?”

He feather-touched the back of her neck, ducked his head, then breathed, “From this.” His lips met hers.

A bolt of electricity rocketed through her bloodstream, rendering her motionless. Not knowing what to do, she stared at his face. His eyes were closed as his lips motivated hers to respond. When she didn’t, he opened them. The pull from his gaze enticed her insides. She felt a light squeeze around her waist, and he nibbled her lower lip. Her body stirred. The rush of want overtook her, and she moved her fingers up his body.

He groaned. The sound of it was so sensually intriguing that her body hummed. She slanted into him, and when another sound low in his throat escaped him, it reverberated to her chest. Suddenly, touching him everywhere at once seemed urgent. Frantically, she continued her exploration.

He raised her feet off the floor. Warm, firm lips found the hollow of her neck until he hit a door, stopping him. Vibrant blues stared down at her as her feet met the floor. “You’re gorgeous.”

She blushed. They were moving too fast. Yesterday, he dismissed her. How could he change up so quickly?


“Jake, I didn’t think you—” She closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. “—wanted to be near me.”

He cradled her to him and rested his chin against her hair. “You have to understand. It isn’t wise for me to get involved with you, not during a case.” He swallowed. “When it comes to you, I can’t shake the hold you have on me. My body and soul want to be with you.”

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51 thoughts on “Romance Troupe’s Sizzling Summer Blog Hop! Giveaways!

  1. Hi! Sounds like a fantastic read! Love it! Cant wait to read it! Thank you for the fun hop and giveaway! 🙂


  2. I, too, know what I want….I want to read this book!!

    Thanks for joining the hop and allowing me to find you 😉



  3. Hi! Sounds awesome! Loving the excerpt! Thank you for the fun hop and giveaway! 🙂 (sorry if you get more than one comment from me. the first one didnt seem to take.)


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