Wine and Chat with Cait and Tina Pollick

Wine and Chat with Cait

 Tina Pollick


Shadow of Hope

Paranormal Romance



Cait: “Hi everyone! I can’t believe how gorgeous it is. It finally stopped raining. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July. Today, I get to interview my first multi-published author, but first I’d like to give you a little history. When I started querying publishers, Tina was the author that stepped forward and gave me advice. In the beginning of the journey to become published, it’s overwhelming. To say I was tickled to have an author that didn’t know me willing to answer my questions, is an understatement. In the world of writing, there are so many wonderful people, but few will stand out with each of us. Tina is one of those people for me. She helped me then, and she continues to reach out, not only to invite me to join all of these wonderful giveaways, but he’s a encourager as well. She is truly a treasure.”

A car door closes and I rush to the driveway. Striking blond hair flows to her shoulders and she has the sweetest smile.

Cait: “Tina, I’m happy you could make it.” I hug her. “How was your trip over from Kentucky?”

Tina: “Traffic was terrible, but I made it here in one piece.” She laughs.

Cait: “Since it’s gorgeous outside, I figured we could sit by the pool.”

We sit under an umbrella in lounge chairs, facing the water. I had already placed glasses of Margaritas on the table along with crackers and cheese. We each grab a glass and sip, the refreshing drink.

Cait: “I know you’re on a tight schedule, so I’ll get right to asking you a few questions. Let me say first, it amazes me how you are able to accomplish so much.”

Tina: “Thank you, but I don’t really feel like I’ve accomplished that much, and I’m a long away from the goals I’ve set for myself.”

Cait: “You’re a great writer. I have no doubt you’ll achieve them. Your title is intriguing. Where’d you come up with Shadow of Hope?”

Tina: “My co-author actually came up with the title and since I suck at coming up with names, I was on board.”

Cait: “I’m terrible at coming up with titles, too.” We sip our drinks and watch the pool guy. A lock of dark hair covers his forehead, and his arm chest muscles flex as he drags the vacuum across the bottom of the pool. A Coppertone tan covers his body, legs, and feet. Feet? Something about a guy’s tan feet is sexy. Hmm. “Tina, would you tell us about your character’s feet.”

Tina: “That’s funny that you asked. When you first meet Evan, he’s bare foot!” She giggles.

Cait: There’s only a few reasons I can think of why a guy is barefoot. One has to do with the beach and the other … well … I’ll leave that thought hanging out there. The story will tell us the answer. “How’d you come up with the plot?”

Tina: “I got the idea from a picture. I talked it over with my coauthor Bethany and she wanted to write it.”

Cait: “That’s right Elizabeth Rose wrote it with you. Bethany’s her nickname. I wish she could have made it today. Its fascinating how one picture can start or finish a story for you.” I sip my drink, set my glass on the table, and rub my hands together, ready to get to the good stuff.” Tell us about this scrumptious hero.”

Tina: “He has a huge learning curve. It’s fun to watch him grow.”

Cait: Her response has my mind whirling. She’s referring to growing as a person, not … um …I need to get your mind out of the gutter. “The heroine?”

Tina: “She’s faced a lot of adversity, but she’s still super spunky and I love that in a character.”

Cait: “Me, too. So, we have spunky and fast growing.” I offer her the plate of cheese and crackers while I regroup. “That didn’t come out right. Let me try again. You’ve written quite the combination. I can’t wait to read the book to find out what’s he learning. What’s the chemistry like between them?”

Tina: “Evan and Zoe’s interaction with each other is amazing.”

Cait: “Will you tell us about the book?”

Tina: “A secret passed from generation to generation. A line of heirs destined to protect those they once persecuted. One god who seeks to destroy humanity’s last Hope…

Zoe is an ordinary woman who talks to her grandmother’s spirit, was raised by her coven, and is estranged from her father. One day she finds out that the necklace left to her by her mom, holds humanities last hope.

Evan is her reluctant protector, the last of the Templar Knights, who’s watched her from the shadows since she was a teenage girl. When an assailant from the past emerges and steals the key to keeping the rest of the world safe, Evan and Zoe must form a tenuous alliance to get it back.

Up against a mysterious enemy older than time, and a really pissed off God of War, Zoe and Evan have the odds stacked against them as they try to reclaim the Hope of all humanity. That’s if they can avoid killing each other.

Shadow of Hope is a fast-paced, thrilling paranormal romance novella.”

Cait: “I love fast-paced books. The way you described this one, there’s no way I could set it down until I’m done. Where does the story take place, and does the setting have any significance to you?”

Tina: “The past and then modern day Chicago and only the fact I’ve never been to Chicago and after all the virtual trips I took there on Google, I feel like I’ve been there… a few times!”

Cait: “Thank goodness for the internet. Now, for a little fun stuff, if you were to look in your hero/heroine’s trashcan in their family room, living room, den, whichever one you want to pick, but not the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, what interesting tidbit would we find?”

Tina: “Great question! Zoe is a Wiccan so I would say something magical and Evan’s a Knight’s Templar so I would say… who am I kidding he’s a man, probably socks that he didn’t want to wash.” She laughs.

Cait: “Isn’t that the truth.” I smile. “On a day off, what would your character be doing?”

Tina: “Zoe likes to spend time with her family. Evan likes to fight for… pick up Shadow of Hope and you’ll see.”

Cait: “I thought she would tell us for a second. I snap my fingers. “Okay, now make me swoon. Give me few sentences that are going to make me buy this book.”

Tina: “I’m not sure if this will make you swoon, but I find it funny!”

“What’s so funny?” Evan asked.

“Where am I and what did you do to me?”

He waved his finger back and forth. “I asked you a question first. It would be rude not to answer.” He handed her a brown bag and a bottle of water. “I brought you some breakfast.”

She set the bag to the side. “Rude? That’s funny coming from someone who obviously drugged me, but if you really want to know, I’ll tell you. You know what they say about men with big swords. They’re compensating for the little one.” She lowered her gaze to his groin. “It’s okay Evan, not all guys have big swords naturally.”

 Cait: I snicker. “That’s good. If you don’t mind, I’d love to hear an excerpt from your book and then we’ll move on to you.”

Tina: “This is from Chapter 6, because I like to be a little different.”

Zoe slammed the door shut and spun around. “You called my father?”

Evan shrugged. “It’s not like he caught you sneaking out to prom, you know. I figured he’d be one face you’d want to see after nearly getting attacked by a stranger tying his shoes in the parking lot.”

He folded his arms and remained reclining in the chair.

“You’re about the biggest dick I’ve ever met.” Zoe leaned against the door banging her head on the wood.

“That’s not what you said earlier. I seem to recall you saying the opposite.” The corner of his mouth lifted ever so slightly. That was the closest she had come to seeing him smile. He almost looked human when he wasn’t wearing his usual stone face.

“You have no idea what you’ve done. Maybe you should mind your own business from now on.” She walked over to the couch and grabbed her purse, tempted to whack him in the head with it again.

“I saved you remember?”

“Saved? Last I knew I was running from my over active imagination. You can’t save someone who’s running from no one.” She stomped past him and placed her hand on the door, taking a few deep breaths trying to find the courage to face the man who stood on the other side.

Evan got up and went over to Zoe. “I thought I was helping you. If I had known-”

 Cait: “I’m anxious to read what happened next. First, let’s talk about you. What do you consider your greatest achievement?”

Tina: “My kids.”

Cait: “What or who is the greatest love of your life?”

Tina: “My husband.”

Cait: “So sweet. When and where were or you the happiest?”

Tina: “Right now, right here.”

Cait: “I like that. Cease the day philosophy. What is your greatest fear?”

Tina: “Failing, not just writing, but life in general.”

Cait: “What is the quality you most like in a man?”

Tina: “Honesty and a sense of humor.”

Cait: “Good traits. What do you most value in your friends?”

Tina: “Everything. I’m a very loyal person. Once you’re my friend, you’re my friend forever.”

Cait: “You are a very genuine person. Which living person do you most admire?”

Tina: “I admire you and every other author out there who goes after their dream. It takes courage, and what’s not to admire about a courageous person?”

Cait: “Thank you, Tina, and I admire you. One last question, what is your motto?”

Tina: “These days… Hakuna Mata.” She laughs.

Cait: “Tina, it’s been a joy hanging out with you. Is there anything else you’d like to say to your fans?”

Tina: “I want to say thanks to all the people who follow me, RT and share my stuff. Guys it means a lot to me. Thank you! And thank you Cait for the drinks and the chat. I always love talking with you. Next time you’ll have to travel to my neck of the woods.”

Cait: “I’d love to. Below are the links to Tina sights.”




Twitter: @tinapollick



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