In the world of writing, numerous people come into your life to help your journey. This is the reason for my blog to thank a person every week or two who HAS  made a difference. Please feel free to comment and/or thank someone who has done a wonderful act for you. It doesn’t have to about writing.

Without a doubt there’s one person that deserves a huge THANK YOU. This woman, is a published author, working on the sequel, has a demanding real life job, and married with two children. Yet as busy as she is, she has taken time out of her busy schedule to answer my numerous website questions, read over admin papers, and beta read. A N D, she is the founder of a wonderful group of talented writers. She setup The Coffee Talk Writers website and maintained it with no help until the rest of us caught up.

Besides, the enormous patience she had with me and the organization of our group, she has also shared her savviness in marketing and business expertise.

Some of you will know immediately who I’m talking about, THOSE WHO DON’T should meet this upstanding woman.


I’m blessed that you’re in my life.


5 thoughts on “THANK YOU!

  1. What a great blog, Cait. Writing is a scarey process and Renea’s support and patience and her role as our constant cheerleader has been valuable. I can’t imagine having to do this with out the help of CTW and Renea.


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