This made me smile and tear up. Thank you, Crystal Taylor

I received a wonderful review today that I had to share.


Review of Kidnapped Hearts by Cait Jarrod
5/5 Stars

If you like fast paced, full of action and plenty of romance, then this is the book for you. I absolutely loved it! The first thing to catch my eye is the setting, Fredericksburg, VA. That’s really close to where I live and I go there often, so it was neat to read about places I’ve been to or heard of.

Now to the book: It was very well written, and it keeps you guessing all the way to the very last page, and no, you won’t be able to figure most of it out. I like that kind of read, keeps me engaged throughout the entire thing. I instantly liked Pamela, what was nice and different about her was how strong she was, not the typical damsel in distress. And fiery at that. She may have had her weak moments within the story, but they were few and far between.

Then there is FBI Agent Jake Gibson, retired…*sigh*, yet another fictional boyfriend to add to my ever-growing list. The poor man has been through hell and back, then it happens all over again. You will also meet a bunch of Pamela’s friends, known as the Band of Friends, or BOF for short. They are all likeable and strong. I’m hoping that each and every one gets their own books!

The overall plot of the story (without giving away any spoilers) is that someone thinks Pamela has stolen bearer bonds, and will do anything and hurt anyone to get them. Then the attacks start and Jake is put on the case to protect her and try to solve the case. To make things more complicated for them, there are people who want Jake dead from a previous undercover case he was on. Now the bad guys know Jakes real identity due to a possible leak inside the FBI.

The times, trials and crazy adventures they go through bring Jake and Pamela closer, but can she live and love a man that constantly puts his life on the line, a man that works one of the most dangerous jobs there is? Will he ever escape the people who are after him and will use anything, especially Pamela, against him to make him weak? I won’t tell. You’ll have to read to find out. But trust me, this book will not disappoint.
There were times I laughed, cried got mad but those are the best books right?! The ones that actually bring you to their world and evoke your emotions? And fear not my friends, the romance & love scenes are so very tastefully written, yet so believable. All in all, yes I would re-read this book, recommend it to friends, and I will most certainly read more books (especially if they are a series extended from this book) by this Author.

~*Crystal Taylor*~


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