A little encouragement goes along way.

At times, a little encouragement goes along way –

So, you reach out to people who understand you in hopes of receiving the encouragement you desire. What do you do when the response doesn’t metaphorically hold your hand or pat your back, but is returned in a direct honest approach? Personally, I put distance in between me and the situation to digest what has been said. Sometimes, I have to brush off the sting, but I always believe there’s a lesson to be learned. At least, that’s the hope I hang onto in order to make sense out of it. I bring this same philosophy to my writing.

By nature, I’m a forgiving person. Especially to people I consider a friend. In the virtual world, a writer meets different personas, which may or may not be real. The trick is picking the sincere people out from the rift-raft. Sigh.

When you have found a true friend who has your best interest at heart, what do you do when they don’t respond to your expectations? I had this happen to me recently. The dear friend responded in a way that stung. Her words weren’t cruel, but because they weren’t what I wanted to hear, I distanced myself.

A few minutes of digesting the comments, I decided to browse the books I had downloaded recently on how to write better and found Write Good or Die. After the first few pages, I was hooked. It pulled me out of my funk and gave me the encouragement I needed. Instead of a book about developing plots, characters, or sluggish words, it advised the writer on what to expect. Several established writers contribute their insights. Their words boosted my esteem. I highly recommend Write Good or Die by Scott Nicholson for every writer’s shelf, just for those so-so moments. At the moment, it’s free on Amazon.

The moral of this tale: Sometimes you don’t get what you want, but you receive what you need.

Hugs to my friend, Kishan Paul, who handled the situation better by not doing what I expected.


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