Games and prizes! Last stop of Kidnapped Hearts Anniversary Jubilee!

KH blog badge
Last blog stop for the scavenger hunt!

For details: Kishan Paul

If you missed a blog or two, no problem. Below are the links:

  1. 14th   Stop 1:     Lea Bronsen
  2. 15th   Stop 2:     Just Romantic Suspense
  3. 16th   Stop 3:     Just Romantic Suspense (Different blog, different word)
  4. 16th   Stop 4:     Doing Some Reading
  5. 17th   Stop 5:     Evernight Publishing
  6. 18th   Stop 6:     Susannah Hutchinson
  7. 19th   Stop 7:     Robin Badillo
  8. 20th   Stop 8:     DC Stone
  9. 21th  Stop 9:     RomCom
  10. 22nd  Stop 10:   Kishan Paul & Aubrey Wynne
  11. 23rd   Stop 11:   Michaela Miles

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