Snippet Sunday!

Mystic Hearts, Book 2 of The Band of Friends series (WIP)

She swiped a hand across her cheeks, gazed at the field toward the weird lights, and recalled the most heart clenching time of her life. Special Agent Larry Newman walked toward her, holding her excited, yet frightened son’s hand.

Relief had washed over her, lessened her tense muscles, and weakened her legs.

She shifted her gaze to the person responsible for saving her son and locked gazes with the agent’s. A connection passed between them. Like a treasure at the end of a torturous journey, she discovered a sensation she couldn’t have possibly fathomed. A draw so intense, she hadn’t believed existed with another human being outside of her mother and son until that moment…a future.

The sensation had scared her then. Still did. Her ex had ruined any chance for her to have a healthy relationship with another man. And now, she considered calling Larry, bringing him into her life. A man she wanted to spend time with but was afraid if she did, she’d scare him away by not being able to trust. Time hadn’t healed her heart or soul.



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