Woot! Woot! Entangled Love gets 5 Star reviews!

This story is a high suspense ride that kept me on the edge of my seat from chapter one until the finish. Sexy Ryan stole my heart and I found myself cheering him on. Cait Jarrod has created another winner in ENTANGLED LOVE.
~Kishan Paul, author

Cait Jarrod’s latest novel has the mandatory sexy hero, strong heroine and great action. A year after her husband dies, Emma is still trying to pick up the pieces. Ryan, a gorgeous retired skateboarder, wants to help her find love again. Although Emma has leaned on Ryan since high school, she has no idea he held a torch for her all these years. Ryan finds himself in the middle of a mystery when he discovers Emma’s late husband (and his good friend) may have been murdered. His protective instincts kick in when he realizes Emma may be the next target.

The plot twists and just when you think you’ve got it, Jarrod flips another character or snag at you. Another woman pops into the picture right after Emma and Ryan have a delicious night together; a mysterious couple plots in the shadows; a rich female benefactor befriends Emma but hides a secret.

With clever subplots to keep the pace moving and sizzling sex scenes (no closed doors here), I wanted to keep turning the page. When Emma realizes how Ryan feels, she finds herself hesitant to open up and care for someone again. But he never gives up. Through all the misunderstandings and obstacles thrown in their way, he stays focused on winning her love and shows her it’s okay to give her heart again.

The story contains drama, action, excellent humorous undertones and some great secondary characters. Ryan’s English butler is a hoot. Every time he entered a scene, I smiled waiting for one his sarcastic remarks that always hit the spot. I would have liked to get to know her friends better. A scene in the bar has me hoping there may be more story lines ahead with this group. Cait weaves a theme of love and second chances into an entertaining whodunit. Entangled Love is a must-read for every HEA fan of Romantic Suspense.
~Aubrey Wynne, Author


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