TRR’s Fall into Love huge giveaway!

Entangled Love in giveaway basket!

Answer question for a chance to win an ebook copy of Entangled Love by reading excerpt below
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Entangled Love Wild Rose Press Website

Firm hands slid around Emma’s back and legs. She
levitated and the booth disappeared, leaving her
suspended in air before she rested against a solid chest.

Johnny’s masculine scent surrounded her, making her
feel safe. She reached around him. Her fingertips
touched the back of his neck. “No wonder.”

“What’s that, sweetheart?” His breath tinged her

“Your nickname is Stump.”

His voice vibrated when he laughed, tickling. The
night air, damp and warm, hit her like a sauna. She
squirmed and Johnny tightened his hold and stopped

“What the hell is this?” Ryan demanded.


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