Cover Reveal! Mystic Hearts, Bk 2 of the Band of Friends, earns Editor Pick!


<<Editors Pick>>

Mystic Hearts

Band of Friends series, Book 2

Releases December 5, 2014


Nothing is as it seems….

Temptation landed at Special Agent Larry Newman’s feet—literally. Charlene Smith captured his heart after he rescued her from terrorists two months ago. A failed relationship and being an abused child have turned him into a loner and workaholic. The scars weigh heavy on him and keep him from pursuing her. So what’s a guy to do when the woman he pines for passes out in front of him while working a case?

Battling psychological wounds from abduction is easier than coming face to face with the sexy FBI agent she’s fantasized about for months. A single mother, avoiding the drama that dating would bring to her son’s life, she allows Larry close only in her dreams. Now, she’s second-guessing her decision. Should she have a relationship with this man who makes her feel alive just by being close?

As the couple forges into an abyss of emotions, they plow through secrets and criminals, and fight for the one thing that’s worth fighting for—each other.


A note from Cait:

Bringing a new story about the tight knit group of friends from Fredericksburg, Virginia, was like coming home, especially since I’ve lived in the area all my life. The friends I’ve made over the years, and have continued to keep in touch with, are much like the people in this book, minus the bombs and gunfights. Instead of a weekly cocktail hour, we get together at least once month at a winery, brewery or lake.

After the release of Kidnapped Hearts, the first book in the series, I interviewed the hero and heroine Jake and Pamela Gibson. (Click here to read.) At that time, they revealed secrets about one of the fellow Band of Friend members, Paul, and alluded to the fact that his story was next.

Unfortunately, when the voices start talking, I have to listen. Paul’s story was pushed back and Larry and Charlene’s story took precedence. The union of these two characters shocked me though I should have known better after the ending of Kidnapped Hearts.

Please join Larry and Charlene as they deal with their troubled pasts, the return of the Black Scorpion gang, and their unpredictable emotions.


If you haven’t read the first book in the Band of Friends series, here’s the info and buy links:


Kidnapped Hearts, Band of Friends, book 1

Snuggle under the covers and enjoy a hot, romantic suspense between a retired FBI agent and a hometown girl as he keeps her out of reach of a known terrorist while trying to resist her charms.

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