Entangled Love gets a facelift!

Romantic suspense with a double twist of hysterical!

“Not only was Ryan attractive and successful in his business, he was kind and compassionate. Perfect! The secondary characters added a lot to the suspense but Ryan’s butler, Niles, was hysterical!” 

“Cait Jarrod holds her readers by the throat, shakes, and confuses them, and just when you THINK figure out who did it, she throws you a curveball!!”

“Clever subplots and sizzling sex scenes.”




“I’ve wanted you since we were teens.” Ryan’s breath swept across Emma’s neck.

“I didn’t know.”

“Know now.” His embrace tightened and his tongue engaged with hers. 

The ability to think beyond this moment flew out of her mind. 


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The saying, ‘The truth will set you free,’ doesn’t ring true for Emma James. The truth leaves her not knowing whom to trust and puts her in the middle of a plot with Ryan Cross in a race to save the woman he loves.



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