Oh, wow, a deleted scene from In Flames!


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     A big thanks goes out to Cait Jarrod for hosting me and my Evernight Publishing book, In Flames, on this blog tour. I appreciate all the help the blog sites provide in getting an author’s name and books out there! Thank you so much! That said, Cait asked me to prepare a guest post for my visit. I thought it’d be fun to bring some life back into a deleted scene from In Flames. For those of you that have yet to read In Flames (and I suggest you do :), the below deleted scene would have taken place after Matt and Gracelyn got busy in the back of her Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Matt pulled into the parking lot of Brier Hill Pub and parked his truck. Climbing out, he walked the short distance to the front door of the place he’s always drowned his sorrows since he was legally able to drink.
Fucked up thoughts permeated his head. Despite agreeing to not cross the line and give into their physical desires again, the feel of Gracelyn’s soft lips against his did him in. Before he could even stop himself, he had pinned her against the backseat of her Jeep and had buried himself deep inside her. He’d give anything to be there right now. To be there forever.
Pushing through the door of the pub, Matt parked his backside on the only empty stool at the bar. It was Saturday night, so the place buzzed with locals, many of which he knew.
“Hey, Matt,” Bruce said from behind the bar. “What’ll it be?”
“Shot of whiskey,” he groaned. Normally, he drank beer. Tonight, beer just wasn’t strong enough. It wouldn’t take away the rambling thoughts or the heavy feeling that crushed his heart. Bruce poured the shot into a glass and slid it in front of Matt.
“That kind of night, huh?” Bruce eyed Matt carefully. They’d gone to high school together – played on the football team together. Over the years, they had remained decent friends.
“You have no idea.” Matt downed the shot. “Another, please.” He slid the shot glass back to Bruce, who filled the glass again.
“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you in here asking for whiskey,” Bruce said. Matt didn’t miss the concern in his friend’s voice. He knew that everyone worried about him after Chad’s death. He had drowned himself in alcohol for months. He had no plans of going back there, but he wanted—no, he needed—to numb things for tonight. “Everything ok?”
“Everything’s fucked up,” Matt said softly.
“You wanna talk about it?” Bruce asked, despite being called at from every direction at the bar.
“Not really. But thanks for asking.” Matt threw back the second shot of whiskey and let the amber liquid burn it’s way to his stomach. “Hit me again.” He slid the shot glass towards Bruce. He’d fallen head over heels for his sister-in-law and that came with consequences—big ones.


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