Release Party guest authors! #BAB

Breaking All Barriers release party’s schedule of guest authors


Businessman Cole Dunbar breaks away from inventing the latest gadgets when the woman who has broken through his protective walls turns up missing. Mother Nature and a sex trafficking ring have Cole racing against time and breaking all barriers to find Dina Wright. But does Dina need saving?

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To attend the party: Breaking All Barriers’ Release Party



10:40 Aubrey Wynne

11:30 KS Dexter

12:00 Joanne Stewart

1:00 James DiBenedetto

2:00 AJ Nuest

3:00 Robin Badillo

4:00 Lisa Medley

5:00 Naked Niesi

6:00 Valerie Twombly

7:00- Kishan Paul

8:30 Jessica Jayne

9:30 Dixie Brown

When she can get here-Lea Bronsen


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