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 Band of Friends Series, Books 1 & 2

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Meet the Band of Friends

Some people have Sunday family dinners, some have other traditions. The bands of friends have their Friday night Cocktail Hour. 

Pamela Young
Pamela Young



Pamela Young, the backbone of the group, energetic, feisty,and will take care of matters when warranted.








Steve Anderson
Steve Anderson



Pamela meets straightforward, protective Steve Anderson in high school. They hit it off becoming each other’s best friends, like trusted siblings. They meet once a week for Cocktail Hour to share their troubles and triumphs at The Memory Café.





Celine Marx
Celine Marx



In college, Pamela and Steve meet the vivacious Celine Marx. She quickly forms a bond with the two and joins the weekly Cocktail Hour. Attraction hits Celine and Steve hard, but neither of them act on their feelings.




After college, Pamela takes over the family business, The Memory Café. Steve joins the FBI, and Celine opens Fredericksburg Tourist.

Paul England
Paul England




Steve brings in his pal, fun-loving Paul England. The owner of Athletes R Us stays gone most of the time, engaging in extreme sport competitions. When he can, he’s at Cocktail Hour.




Jake Gibson
Jake Gibson


In Kidnapped Hearts, book one of The Band of Friends series, steady and reliable, retired FBI agent, Jake Gibson returns to his hometown after five years to his adopted family, Paul England’s. A well-known terrorist and his gang, the Black Scorpions, believe Pamela has their bearer bonds. Jake will do anything to protect Pamela, even put his life in jeopardy along with his heart.


Charlene Smith


In Mystic Hearts, book two, Charlene Smith, the latest member to join the group, runs into trouble. Her ex-husband wants her back at any cost, even using their son as a pawn.

Larry Newman
Larry Newman


Special Agent Larry Newman has a special attachment to the divorcee who has had more than her fair share of bad luck. When he learns of suspicious activity at Greenwood Manor involves the Black Scorpions, he calls in Jake and a few others. Larry learns the hot mess woman he’s fallen for is much more than he thought. Sweet, kind-hearted, Charlene is a force that not only shocks him, but also surprises the hell out of the men trying to hold her captive.




A glimpse at book three, Deceptive Hearts, work in progress. After Mystic Hearts, Paul’s gig is up. He can no longer stay an undercover operative. He retirees and settles into the peaceful life of running his Athletic store. Just one problem, a woman. A sassy, scintillating, gorgeous woman who would give any one a race to the finish line.

Nikki “Mags” Wood


Nikki Woods stole Paul’s heart, his respect, his admiration years ago then disappeared. Now, a woman who resembles her in every aspect appears. Paul isn’t sure what the woman who calls herself “Mags” is up to, but every instinct waves a flag he may not like what she’s hidden.



Tangled Hearts, book four, work in progress.



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