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a single kiss

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Breaking All Barriers

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She dragged her overheated body across the carpeted floor to the tile and closed the door. Changing rooms didn’t help. His scent surrounded her. She leaned her back against the door, stared at the single toothbrush lying near the faucet, and tried to make peace with what she wanted.

Could business mix with pleasure? Could she date him and not put her business or her heart in a vulnerable position?

Cole wasn’t just any guy. He was her dream guy. The one she visualized in her dreams every night.

She walked over to the mirror. Her flustered face looked like she’d already gone a few rounds. Her boobs sweated, hair mussed, and her core…screamed for more.

What about business integrity?

She waited for the mirror to give advice, but her evil side nagged in her ear. Not an issue. Go for it.

A knock sounded on the door. “Are you okay, Dina?”

She wetted down her unruly hair.

You can do this.

She opened the door.


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