Gorgeous Pictures! And they’re for sale!

Irish Lash Photography

Christy Larkin of Irish Lash Photography takes beautiful pictures of nature. They work great for author promo, too. I’ve attached a sampling. More pictures are on her website, and she updates her Facebook page often.

Contact info:
Website: http://larkinirishlass.wix.com/irishlassphotography
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/irishlassphotography/?fref=ts
Email: Christysue1972@gmail

d90b76_4afe7bedfe9b46ef84ed1f86d89a803f d90b76_9d566806e0d74d60905304842a0257f9 d90b76_a6f275728971474e9edb8e7d992c985e d90b76_b8c27bcc436e48cdbb8240ae0b44ae2b d90b76_e4a857f1de5149c3af6f1442d7b630c8




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